GUTTER MAINTENANCE – Why is this important?

shutterstock_213280627_slider-765x318Industry standards recommend gutters should be serviced at least once or twice per year.  With all the crazy weather we are having and with storm season approaching we suggest a proactive approach to gutter care and maintenance. Obviously, the frequency of service should be assessed on a case by case basis depending on varying factors such as the property’s proximity to trees and falling debris, the time of year and wind and weather conditions.

If in the event of damage to a property, many insurance companies will not ‘pay out’ if the property shows signs of lack of preventative maintenance, including gutters.  Your property is of course one of your greatest financial assets so we want to ensure that your property is properly maintained.

Rather than be reactive to the possibility of an incident, as managing agents we care about our client’s properties and suggest a proactive approach. We advise regular gutter maintenance to help:

  • Prolong the life of your gutters
  • Removes sludge, grime and leafy debris that can cause blockages
  • Remove rust causing debris from your gutters
  • Eliminate the change of water build-up and serious damage to your ceiling and building structures due to blocked gutters
  • Reduce breeding areas for pests, vermin and insects, especially disease carrying mosquitoes
  • Save time and money overall
  • Prevent the risk of liability issues due to the risk of a fall
  • Reduce the risk of mould

Using a qualified experienced and licenced contractor can keep a record of all scheduled maintenance for insurance purposes and provide you with before and after photo’s along with a free roof and gutter report.

** Information provided by Gutter-Vac